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Warning! It is against deed restrictions (against the law) to have dead or dangerous trees on your property! The Woodlands is working hard to remove these trees. Read the full story click here.


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Woodlands Tree Removal is a professional, experienced and full service tree removal company. Our skilled crew are safety conscious and careful not to damage your property. We are fully insured and bonded, so feel safe knowing you are working with the best company in The Woodlands, Tx. You will love our affordable pricing and quick turn around time. Contact us today for a free estimate on tree removal services.

Tree Removal – Tree Trimming – Stump Grinding – Land Clearing
Debris Removal – Storm Cleanup – Emergency Tree Services

Tree Removal ServicesTree Removal Services – We remove all kinds of trees off commercial and residential properties. Dead, dying, diseased and overgrown trees can become a serious safety hazard to persons and property. We have the professional crew and equipment to remove all unwanted or dangerous trees.

Tree Trimming ServicesTree Trimming Services – As trees grow, limbs and branches can start to extend over drive-ways, walk-ways or parts of your home. As the tree ages, its limbs begin to weaken and you start to take the chance of a limb falling on potentially injuring a person or damaging your home. We can remove this danger from your property.

Stump Grinding RemovalStump Grinding Services – Tree stumps can cause a major eye-sore and dangerous obstacle on your property, and removing a stump yourself can be a pain. We have the expertise and professional tree stump removal equipment necessary to safely remove tree stumps from your property, while minimizing property damage.

Land Clearing ServicesLand Clearing Services – We can clear your land of all unwanted trees and shrubs and help get it ready for residential or commercial development. No lot is too big or too small. We provide all cutting, removal and haul away of all wooded trees and plants. Get a free quote today.

Storm Cleanup ServicesDebris Removal & Storm Cleanup – After a severe storm your property could be left in a mess of broken limbs, branches or fallen trees and other storm debris. We can clean up and haul away your storm debris so you can get back to your daily activities faster and safer.

Emergency Tree ServiceEmergency Tree Services – When you need emergency tree removal and storm debris cleanup services, we work beyond our normal business hours to remove any fallen trees and obstacles off your property. Our rapid response team is standing by.